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I live in Minnesota, I haul produce from the southwest to Chicago. I am a very open man. Love all colors of skin. Affectionate and adventurous.. Cuddler here. Honest, caring, adventurous, cuddling and very reciprocal. Looking for someone dom. And consistent. Into in shape older men but not opposed to anyone young as me. Family and friends are most important but take care of thy self as well! Not into fem - pretty boys - very over wgt - stuck-up little bitch boys - or poz Say hello esp Farmer, military, construction, ranchers, fiemen, police and cowboys. NSA private. GWM who loves suits ties business casual and over the calf dress socks and dress shoes looking for men into same for friendship and more.

Just a guy who likes a lot of things, especially music, books, and movies.

I view working out as much a part of my retirement plan as my k. I refuse to become a frail old man! My fitness goals are like most guy's: Lean mass. I ride my bike just about everywhere instead of driving. I'm very fitne Looking for other fitness-minded, open-minded men. I like guys with moderate body hair and facial hair, but chemistry between us is the major factor Top here looking for a regular thing, maybe something more. If Mississippi legislators had their way, gay sex, gay adoption, and gay marriage would all be illegal.

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They're not -- only because federal court decisions have superseded the discrimination that locals officials sought to codify. Jackson, though, is a bright spot. There is charm here, even if it has limits. Magnolia, which just passed its own anti-discrimination measures. Simultaneously dead center on the map of America and the battle for transgender rights Population: Strong city anti-discrimination laws and a wealth of resources for transgender people.

This January, 9-year-old Avery Jackson became the first transgender subject to grace the cover of National Geographic. Because of Avery, her mother, Debi, founded Kansas City-based trans-parenting. Locally, with resources like TransasCity. A supportive LGBTQ environment has been fostered over the last 20 years by a mix of local politicians and business leaders reaching out to the queer community.

Louis, Columbia. Ground zero for organizers in a state with a middling civil rights record Population: David Herrera will be the first one to tell you Missoula's nightlife could improve. But like so many of these entries, what Missoula does have is the bedrock of a progressive liberal arts school like the University of Montana that gives the mid-sized town a permanent, if shifting community of civic-minded folk. They elected leaders to make Missoula the first city in Montana to pass municipal anti-discrimination laws as protections at the state level continue to flounder, and who founded the Western Montana LGTB Community Center as a local hub for LGTB groups a full 15 years before Great Falls opened its own last year.

Great Falls, Billings. A well-educated and livable small city Population: Even the Baptist church is gay-friendly. You mess with trans people, you mess with everyone. Of the Carolina cities Human Rights Campaign rated last year, this one ranked highest for gay-friendliness though for some reason, they didn't rate Asheville. A University of North Carolina campus gives the place life, plus happening bars like Chemistry Nightclub and The Q , a hang with the feel of a neighborhood bar. Chapel Hill, Charlotte.

A post shared by Jeremy jeremyinomaha. Where city and business leaders work together to get statewide protections Population: The only city in Nebraska with an ordinance barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Alaska: Anchorage

In April , the Omaha City Council voted to approve an ordinance extending city anti-discrimination laws to cover gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender residents. No small victory in a state where no other city has anti-discrimination laws on the books, and where attempts to pass state-level legislation is on its fourth attempt since as lawmakers debate the latest version.

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Or just hang out at the Max and hit up any of the four, count them four , bars hosted in this single gay mega-pub. Honorable mention: This early adopter of non-discrimination ordinances has an epic Pride festival more than 10 years running. Fargo gets the edge over Grand Forks, the first North Dakota city to pass anti-discrimination ordinances. And while there are no avowed gay bars in the city, the city is calmly out. Ken Story, who runs the brick-and-mortar LGBTQ center in town, says the activist events have gotten ever more political lately.

Grand Forks. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Zanesville. Holiday meals, welcome to all, are hosted out of a city looking to change hearts and minds.

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Meanwhile, Tulsa boasts the seventh-largest center in the world. Josh, a volunteer with Oklahomans for Equality , says that the center has helped spread awareness and love while fighting for gay rights in the state. The community has art shows, gala events, and innumerable fundraisers in a city that is evolving for the better. There's little else in the state that can compare. Norman, Oklahoma City. Philly elected its first openly gay state legislator, Brian Sims, in Philly has welcomed its LGBTQ peeps since the s, when the scene consisted of private house parties and semisecret venues.

In the s, the neighborhood between Walnut and Pine Streets, around Juniper and 11th, became known for its gay community. Back then, it was kind of seedy. In , the city hoisted rainbow-colored street signs at intersections. Wrap up the day with awesome food and cocktails, available all over. Where the very old South is making progress toward the new Population: The USC mascot is a gamecock, so the swag is on-point. Columbia embodies this tug between entrenched old South sensibilities and modern progressive influences.

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The city is home to plenty of conservative elements, but also more modern enclaves, like the Five Points area near the University of South Carolina, and the Vista , a waterfront arts and entertainment district. This allows them to stay open later, sell on Sundays, and discern who can enter. Call ahead, and getting in shouldn't be a problem.

The city government has newly committed to anti-discrimination laws and partner benefits. Just this March, Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a bill allowing adoption and foster agencies to legally refuse working with gay couples. Brookings also benefits from being the home of South Dakota State University, whose on-campus gender and sexuality alliance -- which hosts a drag show each semester -- is working to form a similar alliance at the high school.

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Sioux Falls. Bona fides: Aside from landmarks with names like Sex Change Ridge and a hiking trail called the Fruit Loop, commune residents are said to lead a fairly traditional back-to-the-land lifestyle, keeping goats and tending gardens and making decisions by consensus. Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Greeneville. A post shared by Molly Almas mnalmas The gay community of the future Population: In , Houston had its own Stonewall-level event which created "Town Meeting 1" -- an initiative that created more than organizations across the state that are now turning 40 this year.

The city had an openly gay mayor until last year with a dedicated caucus, as well as out city council members and an openly gay DA, which gives a lot of role models for younger kids to look up to. But in this state, once you get out of the blue zones you are unsafe.

We benefit from people congregating in the cities but also this leads to a lot of homeless gay youth, so we're trying to do good by them.

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And not for nothing: Dallas, Austin, El Paso. A former political warzone is changing with the times Population: We know what you're thinking: Isn't that home base for Mormon attacks on gay rights? Well, yes. But Troy Williams from Equality Utah says that's exactly what led to the changing of some hearts and minds that have reinvented SLC as a great gay community.

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Since then, LDS and the gay community haven't found middle ground on sexuality or marriage, but they have found a powerful agreement in believing that people should not be discriminated against in housing or employment. In , a statewide anti-discrimination made it through a Republican super-majority in the state legislature. Utah is the only state to ever pull this off.